[ Crepes ]     – Crepes are a type of very thin french pancake made from Wheat flour, eggs and sugar. In addition, crepes are usually served with a variety of fillings. For instance, Sugar, Jam, fruits and much more….

The Hobbit

Butter or Coconut oil (V) and sugar (Cane or Palm)

The Holy Grail

Homemade Vegan chocolate sauce, Banana, Grilled Almonds and Grated Coconut.

Fili kili dori nori ori

Peanut butter cream, Banana, Mango & Grilled Cashews, served with fruit compot

The Black Wand

Delicious homemade Vegan Chocolate sauce and served with homemade Coconut whipped cream.

The Sweet Fairy

Our yummy homemade salted butter caramel, served with homeamde Coconut Whipped cream.
Option of homemade Vegan salted Caramel

The Tale

Oranges "confites" jam, Fresh oranges and homemade Vegan chocolate sauce, with homemade coconut whipped cream.

The Golden Ring

Vegan lemon curd, caramelised crushed almonds, Orange blossom and grated coconut.

The Secret

Traditional homemade salted butter Caramel(Vegan option available), Caramelised Apples, Crushed Cashews, Served with homemade Coconut Whipped Cream.

What or who are the names of our Delicious Crepes?

the hobbit
the holy grail
black wand - harry potter
the lord of the rings
fili kili dori nori ori

The Hobbit

Hobbits are central characters in Tolkein’s Middle Earth series. They are basically small humanoid creatures with big hairy feet. Furthermore, They are usually insignificant, as they are so conservative that they rarely venture out of their home realm, The Shire. However the wizard Gandalf recruits a group of them to venture out; firstly with a group of dwarves to take back their kingdom from a dragon, then later on, on a longer quest to the destroy the One Golden Ring.

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail was said to be a cup used in the Last Supper before the crucifixion of Jesus. Furthermore, Saint Joseph of Arimathea used it to collect Christ’s blood as he tended him on the cross. In addition, Joseph was imprisoned and left to starve in a rock tomb. However he was sustained by the Holy Grail which provided him with fresh food and wine. Therefore, King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table searched for the Holy Grail as they believed it would grant them eternal life.

The Black Wand

In J.K. Rowling’s book and film series Harry Potter, the wizard Sirius Black, In other words, Harry’s Godfather, possesses a wand that gives him powerful magic. For instance, casting non-verbal spells.   

The Golden Ring

In Tolkein’s Middle Earth series of fantasy novels (The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy), the golden One Ring was forged by the Dark Lord of Mordor, Sauron, to give him power over all creatures. additionally, The ring has the power to make all who see it want to possess it. In other words, Those who possess it become increasingly obsessed with it. In conclusion, the wizard Gandalf sends a group of Hobbits on a perilous quest to destroy the ring.

Fili Kili Dori Nori Ori

On his journey, Bilbo Baggins (from the Lord Of the Rings and The Hobbit) has his band of 12 dwarves; Dwalin, Balin and the brothers: Fili, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, additonally, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur. Furthermore, They recruit Bilbo to help them reclaim their homeland from a dragon.