Passionate about the Celtic culture and in love with the island of gods, we wanted Our Space to be a  unique blend of both Celtic and Balinese cultures. Furthermore, our goal was to reunite the two cultures and show the  connection and similarity between the two.

Halfway between a traditional Balinese wooden house, a tree house and a Celtic hut.

We split our space into 2 very different semi-open spaces:

Downstairs you can relax and on our comfy cushions on wooden floor, while enjoying your treat on low wooden tables.

Upstairs you can eat on proper tables and chairs overlooking frangipani trees and a Balinese family temple.

You will enter the magic and discover some Celtic symbols and legends. For instance, the myth of King Arthur and The Knights Of The Round Table. In addition, listen to Celtic songs and Vedic chants and even hang a secret card on our wishing tree.

Our space