Here at The Spell, to ensure the potency of our Potions and Elixirs we keep our ingredients fresh and organic.

All our flowers, fruits and vegetables come from Organic Farmers and Local artisans. Most of our ingredients are hand delivered fresh every morning ready for the day!

Additionally, Everything here at the spell is freshly cooked and homemade to ensure high quality.  To respect the traditional tastes of Crepes and Galettes, we use Organic wheat and buckwheat flour.  To satisfy your diet, we also offer the option of gluten free and vegan options in our Menu. 

The elves in the kitchen mix and mix using the recipes of the white witch.
Concoctions to heal your body and rejuvenate your soul.
They excite your taste buds the potions can do no foul.
Potions that glow green or colourful coffee aren’t a rare sight to see in The Spell Creperie.