The story of the Galette –

The story goes back to the ancient days when the Galette was just a porridge of cereals merged together with water and then cooked on a warm sizzling rock. In addition, it nourished the people of Brittany, in the North east of France, during cold, winter days. 

Centuries later, the buckwheat flour was brought back from Asia, which marked the beginning of the crispy, round and thin Galette we know and serve today at The Spell Creperie.

After some time, the sweet version was created using Wheat flour mixed with sugar, now known as the Crepe. This recipe has since crossed Oceans and Continents, which marked the start of the much loved Pancakes.

Voila.. Enjoy!

creperie ubud bali

“Living in Bali, being Passionate about the Celtic Culture and an absolute Crepe lover, we decided to bring back to Asia the delicious Galettes, Crepes…. and More! Marking the beginning of The Spell Creperie.  In addition, We have kept the Traditional recipes from our great great grandmothers while creating others which are a blend of Celtic and Balinese traditions. ” 

– The Spell Creperie


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Our Creperie logo- 

[ TRISKELE ] – Derived from the Greek word “Triskeles” meaning “three legs”, the Triskele or Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol.

A Celtic symbol related to earthly life, afterlife and reincarnation. Additionally, It is drawn in one continuous line, therefore, suggesting a fluid movement of time. Furthermore, Triades are one of the most common elements of Celtic art Because They evoke the Universal concept of the domains of material existence – Earth and water as well as Sky and body and also,  mind and spirit. 

creperie in ubud bali
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