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Once upon a time, in the Countryside of Brittany, a famous Celtic fief of France, the Traditional thin savoury pancake, known as the Galette was created.Its story goes way back into the ancient days where the galette was once just a porridge of cereals merged together with water, then cooked on a warm sizzling rock.

The Galette was the main meal in Brittany, which nourished the people during cold, shivering winter days. After a couple centuries went by, the Crusades brought back from Asia the now well-known buckwheat flour. Which enabled the making of a round Galette made from a very thin layer of dough.

This marks the beginning of the Galette.

After some time, the sweet version was created with wheat flour, to satisfy the sweet cravings of the citizens, Known as the Crepe. It then crossed oceans and continents, which marked the start of other delicious well known variants:pancakes, blinis and tortillas.

Passionate by the Celtic Culture, being a Crepe lover and living in Bali, We decided to bring back to Asia, the magic and excellence of Galettes and Crepes. We have Kept the Original French recipes, But also created others that are a blend of Celtic and Balinese Traditions.Creating a unique taste just for you.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or familiar with the Traditional Galette complete, It will, without a doubt, be easy for you to find a Galette and a Crepe to your taste.

In the cauldron, where our Talented Chefs Create and batter our Unique dough’s,You’ll find not only quality ingredients, but also this subtle Celtic and Magic touch which will bring you somewhere far and magical during your degustation.

For those who are not familiar with the Celtic Culture, It is greatly connected to the Vedic Culture and the Celt Language is really similar to Sanskrit. If you are Curious and eager to know more, you can go to the last couple pages of the Menu and find everything there is to know there!

Number of Authors got inspiration from the Celtic legends and Traditions, which which are a beautiful reflection of the invisible world and Magic (fairies, gnomes, witches, druids, Magicians, Trolls, elves, ect… ) ,

such as;

The Legend of Merlin and King Arthur –which took place in the Magical Broceliande Forest

The Lord of The Rings

The holly Grail

The Hobbit

Harry Potter

Asterix and Obelix

The Secret of kells

And now it is our turn to get inspiration from all these Legends, movies and the Magical world, to create our Menu and name our Crepes, Galettes and Homemade Elixirs.

Balinese elves and trolls, grow and cultivate our Fruits and Vegetables in a Magical Organic garden, and deliver them every morning at the rise of dawn…

but we wont say more and let you discover our Blissful “Carte”….  Bonne Appetit

To thank our Balinese friends, we have decided to give them a 15% discount on all our Crepes, Galettes and Elixirs.

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