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Sauteed Mushrooms, Caramelised Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Balinese Vegetables (Sayur Jepang), Nut Cheese & Sunflower Seeds

Who is Rhiannon?

Rhiannon was a British sun goddess, a fairy princess and ruler of the sun itself – A Celtic goddess of the sun and also inspiration.

When you hear fairy princess your mind jumps to an image of a pretty butterfly creature fluttering in the flowers like the fairies you see on cards… but you would be wrong… she certainly wasn’t that kind of fairy.
She could certainly be quite ruthless when she felt the need to be- not at all the loving & playful goddess you might expect.
Her responsibility was to pull the sun across the sky each day. Dressed in gold silk brocade, sitting on her pale white horse she looked every bit the part of the sun goddess she was.

Rhiannon learned long ago that you could control your emotions and not let them control you, so every time she felt a painful emotion she replaced it with a positive thought instead, that was her way of living.

Rhiannon loved the Science of measurements. Just by understanding the “mathematics” and”physics” of things she could do the most impressive tricks!

….Create a bag large enough to hold a grown man and then fold in such a way that looked like the size of a purse.
‘Sun Trick’. It was her favourite. By pulling the sun at just the right speed and the right distance from earth, she could make it look like the sun was much closer to the ground that it really was. It was even better that, even though it was racing through the sky, it looked as if it was hardly moving at all!

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